Other lighting design

there. remaining.

Princeton University | Matthews Acting Studio| April 2016

Created, directed, and choreographed by Ogemdi Ude
Lighting design by Wesley Cornwell
Projection design by Sydney King
Costume design by Mary Jo Mecca

From the Lewis Center for the Arts's press release
: "Emerging from W.E.B. Du Bois’s seminal work, The Souls of Black Folk, there.remaining. explores Du Bois’s theory of double consciousness as a racial and mental phenomenon.... there. remaining. questions the ways we see ourselves and how we come to understand our often conflicting identities."

Photos by Wesley Cornwell

Bottling Dreams of the Tearful Don’t-Knower

Hunger & Thirst Theatre | West End Theatre | October 2019

Written by Emily Kitchen
Directed by Paul Kite
Scenic design by Patrick T. Horn
Lighting design by Wesley Cornwell

Dillon Heape, Philiop Estrera, Natalie Hegg

Photos by Wesley Cornwell

The Other Shore

Princeton University | Berlind Rehearsal Room | May 2015

Written by Gao Xingjian
Directed by Kanoa Mulling
Lighting design by Wesley Cornwell

Photos by Frank Wojciechowski