Annie & Rose (costumes)

Costume design for Princeton University's production of Annie & Rose, March 2016

Annie & Rose

From The Program in Theater's website:

The Program in Theater offers a unique, theatrical, student exploration of two strong, iconic female characters of the American musical stage, Rose Hovick and Annie Oakley. Princeton seniors Michaela Milgrom and Katie Birenboim, under direction of Theater faculty member Suzanne Agins, investigate and deconstruct these two characters of the Golden Age musical canon as their senior thesis project in Theater to create a new, original evening of theater.

Both Rose and Annie are based on historical figures who struggled between careers in the entertainment industry and family commitments, challenging the traditional roles for women of their era, and both made compromises and sacrifices along the way. The two iconic musicals span the breadth of America’s geography. Annie’s career coincided with the birth of vaudeville, Rose Hovick and her famous daughters witnessed vaudeville taking its last breath.


Princeton University | Matthews Acting Studio | March 2016

Directed by Suzanne Agins
Scenic design by Julia Peiperl
Lighting design by Doug Ashley
Costume design by Wesley Cornwell